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If you have elderly parents who live in Richmond you want them to have the best medical care possible. You want a doctor who has dealt with the elderly and who knows the kind of complications that can arise and how to deal with them. The problem is that although many doctors will tell you that they are able to deliver elder healthcare, not all of them are very good at it. There have been cases where elderly people have been neglected by their doctors thus hastening their demise. Since you don’t want this to happen to your parents here is what you should be looking for:

• Does the doctor have experience with the elderly, especially those who may not necessarily have health issues? Many old people are in perfect health but they still need to see a doctor from time to time so that any new problems may be diagnosed early. In some cases, older people may be in good health but complain of little things here and there. A doctor who is experienced in elderly care will know how not to dismiss these complains but will find a way to explain to the patient what is happening and what they can do.

• Older people often have reduced memory and need to be cared for very careful in this regard. Good doctors make sure to explain to their older patients how they should take their medication – how many pills and at what times. They will even ask their nurses to arrange the pills in pill boxes to avoid any confusion. This level of care shows that the doctor really knows what they are doing and are prepared to go out of their way for their patients.

• The days of house calls are long gone but with the very elderly and very old it is great if the doctor can find some time out of his busy day and visit the elder patients at home. If may not be to treat him – he needs to be driven to the hospital for that – it is just to make sure that things are going right.

If you want to find elder doctors for your parents who possess these qualities the best place to look is at Roseneath Medical Practice. They have excellent private GPs Richmond who will go out of their way for the elderly and you can be sure that your parents will be treated with ultimate care. You can find out more through their website,

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