Intensive Driving Courses in norwich

As a Norwich teenager who wants to learn how to drive, you will find that there are plenty of intensive driving schools in the city all claiming that they will give you the best deal. You have to be careful though; there are many that offer a less than stellar service. That is why it is important to familiarize yourself with what makes a good driving school. Before you sign up with any make sure that they meet the following criterion:

•    Safety is the topmost consideration; you want to enroll with a driving school that has no record when it comes to accident and if they do, they should be few and far between. Don’t be afraid to ask the school when the last accident they had was, how bad it was and what caused it. You can also find this kind of information online.

•    The next thing to think about is how qualified the driving instructors are. You want to enroll with a school that has highly experienced trainers so that you can learn from the best.

•    The pass rate for students is very important. You want to be able to pass your driving test the first time around. If you join a school that doesn’t have a good reputation for passing students the first time around then you will most likely not pass yourself.

•    There are some Norwich driving schools that ask students to provide their own car and fuel. This is an unnecessary expense on your part – these should be provided by the school.

•    Find out if they will be picking you up and dropping you off at home – many are happy to do that.

•    Cost is also important; there are some Norwich driving schools that charge a lot because they carter to children of the rich. You don’t have to enroll with these because there are many that provide excellent lessons at reasonable costs.

•    If you can find a driving school that teaches defensive training it is even better. Intensive driving Norwich is all about being an even better driver on the road. You may pay a bit more for it but it is well worth your money.

One Norwich driving school which meets this criterion is Chilled Driving Tuition. They have an excellent safety record and their priority is to make sure that students pass their driving test at the first try. You can find out more on their website,